Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zombies: things that are cool, but rather disturbing

Along side the whole vampire/werewolf teen angsty thing, there has also been a subgenre featuring old monster movies and might guess, partially relative to the 2012 end-o-the-world fascination.  *erp*

Well, at least the zombie thing has produced some remarkably creative, creepy and covet-worthy objects d'art.  And my being a Halloween ephemera collector, I have to say some of it fascinates me enough that even in my most Libra aesthete moods, a part of me secretly wishes she had the nerve to actually purchase a few of these disturbing delectables. 

I know....weird, right?  As if I could pull off that whole gothy vibe without looking like an aging hipster who is trying to hard. 

Anyway, here are a few "decidedly shocking, but still so freaking kick-ass" items that would probably cause any of my future dating prospects to run screaming in the other direction --- unless of course said gentleman IS some aging hipster who is trying too hard ((tee hee)):

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  1. Those sheets are cool. If I was invited to a lady to sleep over, I would appreciate this design instead of happy kittens or horses that really give me the creeps.

    (Good to have you back.)


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