Friday, June 15, 2012

Packing Rat

Am moving.  Am shopping and packing.

It brings to mind the stand-up routine from George Carlin about the difference between stuff and shit:

The going through an accumulated decade-worth of stuff and then debating what's worth hanging onto...and thereby having to Tetris it into a cardboard box.  The shit that isn't worth keeping anymore, that gets to go into the recycle bin, the compost pile, the stuff by the front door that will be collected by some charity or other when their box truck stops by at the end of next week.

Amazing how much stuff and shit one collects.  Things.  Things you wanted, thought you needed, were certain you could not live without...but in the end, just more and more niggling little things you now have to bubble wrap or wedge in amongst your socks or bath towels so that they don't get broken by the dear helpful friends and movers who will be hauling your possessions from this current domicile to your new digs.

I'm paring down my life. 

I'm finding that I don't need as much stuff to make me feel sated, make me feel accomplished, make me feel happy.  Sort of liberating to say goodbye to so many 'formerly must-have' items.  They feel cumbersome and out-of-step with my outlook these days. 

And it isn't just aesthetics either, although surely in my Libran heart of hearts, I've moved on from the decor and mood of the past direction in some ways too.  Kinda over the whole 'French Country with a kitschy-bohemian look' vibe.  Waaaaay over the 'yeah I bought that at the Ren Faire, how did you know I'm pagan' look too. 

Want to rock something more tactile, more daring, more evocative of who I am in this new phase of my existence.

Yeah, still a witchy gal at heart.  But maybe feeling a little more Serena and less Samantha...unless you're speaking about the Sex and the City one.  *grin*

So I've begun jettisoning things that no longer fit in, and started repurposing and collecting smaller things that do.  Meaningful things.  Things that I adore and have saved up for.  Things that make my heart sing, when I need to have something just for me.

Because at this stage, hell yeah, I'm single.  Hell yeah, I'm childless and over 40.  And hell yeah, I'm going to ride this delightful wave of Auntie Mame-hood for all it is worth.

And that is why my new adventures are awaiting me in 2.5 weeks.  I've got the lease on the new apartment all signed and ready.  I've been storing away new furnishings while parting with the old ones.  And that is why everything on this new adventure started with one chair that spoke to me....

The picture doesn't do it justice, but yes... it is chartreuse green velvet, curvy, tufted.  Um, with rhinestone buttons.

Let the fun begin!