Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Read, Think.....DO!

There's this terrific quote by Albert Einstein:  "Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking," and I think this applies to the dilemma of those working out the beginnings of their own Craft practice.

It is far too easy to get caught up in reading under the guise of research and the quest to find "the right way" to do things, so much so, that one becomes enmired in book-learnin' and doesn't ever get off his/her keester to actual perform and try to experience anything.

The funny thing about the Craft, Druidry and other such forms of paganism, is that the activity and participation was once taught wholly without benefit of books. 

You had to DO IT to GET IT. 

And in most cases, you were either shown how by a relative or mentor, or you just went out and figured things out by trial-and-error.

Which is great for learning sympathetic magic....not so great for herbalism, particularly if you don't know what may be poisonous or cause ill-effects for the practitioner!

I guess that's why I liked learning in a systematic way via a tradition:  there was already some tried-and-true methods outlined for me to use, where I could experience and draw my own conclusions....but I also wouldn't get gobsmacked by shizzle that my covenmates and uplines weren't already on standby to help me through or give me pointers about how to deal with afterward.

Kinda like training wheels, really.  You get to learn, but you also have a smaller likely hood of injury.

Still, getting one's nose out of the books and going out into the outer wilds or inner spaces is the best way to test your meddle.  So what if you've read that X+Y = Z.  If you don't do it for yourself, you're just puppeting along with something YOU personally don't know is fact.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Millenial Douchebags in Witches' Clothing

Photo from the Chicago Reader.  All credit to them, not me.

Check this shit out.

So a bunch of hipster assholes got dressed up in cloaks and decided to light a bunch of candles on a city street to protest the mayor and a bunch of construction workers because they're tearing down some low-income housing to put up new condos in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago.

What?  Did they run out of PBR and your favorite gluten-free granola at the corner store so you needed something to do with your afternoon before you were gonna ride your scooter over to the poetry slam?

Check out the article from The Chicagoist, here:


Yeah.  Good for you posers.  Way to get some more bullshit press for real witches everywhere by showing your face to the cameras with your emo-whining.

As someone who IS a witch --that is to say who is a practitioner of the religion--- may I say that ignorant, self-righteous, attention-seeking Millennials pretending to be witches really piss me off.
How dare they co-opt my honorable belief system to use it for their "15 minutes of fame disguised as a political movement"?  Are the kids today so spoiled and entitled they think it is ok to play-act at someone's valid religion for their own personal ends?
Well, I can tell you.....they sure as shit aren't real witches.  
But don't misunderstand.  I'm not saying real witches don't do political stuff.  They totally do.  We protest and hold rallies and marches and pride parades with the best of 'em.  Hell, Starhawk made a whole pagan life-path out of being radical and political.
But these here?  These are just some twenty-somethings who think that dressing in flowy robes and lighting a bunch of candles while reciting some poorly-written iambic pentameter in the name of their own personal agendas makes them SOOOO MUCH MORE SCARY and worthy of the attention.
They don't understand things like boundaries or respect.  Funny....isn't that sort of what they're claiming to be all up in arms about?   The taking away from others to use for personal gain?
Oh honey....you don't sound witchy either.  You sound like you're trying for a blurb on TMZ. 
Do you really think that Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is going to drive up in his limo, part the "crowd" of you and all 6 of your friends acting like Harry Potter on the sidewalk (without a permit, mind you)? 
Do you imagine he's going to beg you not to make an effigy of him out of locally-sourced beeswax stuck with the vintage hat pins that you got from the Brown Elephant, if only he will stop the bulldozers from leveling that crumbling project building?
What are you gonna do for an encore?  Spread your propaganda dressed as nuns, chaining yourselves to the construction site gate with old wristbands from Coachella, SXSW and Lolla? Or maybe you'll wear some cool yarmulkes that you've made by upcycling your old flannels?
Fuck no.  Please don't.
If the important thing is your MESSAGE, then find a way to air your protestations without a platform which denigrates somebody else.
Because, trust me little darlings, if there was any real juju in your hexes, you'd know that you're going to get what YOU deserve for your little publicity stunt too.  Good luck.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Packing again....short-term solution ahead

Despite my intentions, things in my life did not 'play nice' long enough for me to get back into blogging.  Yet here I am, another early part of a new year, trying again.

And I'm moving.  Again.  This time down-sizing into a one bedroom apartment, but hopefully only for a 6-month stint before moving out of state.

So much has transpired, I don't even know where to begin.  Let's numerate the madness, shall we?

  1. My 2012 divorce was finally finished as of last week.  Yes, you read that correctly.  LAST WEEK.  Although the divorce happened in 2012, it took my ex and his crappy credit score all this time to get me off the mortgage of my former marital home.  Let's not dwell....but suffice it to say, he and his lovely new bride are happy in the ol' homestead and that ****** no longer has the ability to jack up my debt-to-income ratio or have his defaulted payments hit my credit score anymore.  Good riddance.  And to think I wasted my 30's on that douche bag!
  2. My long-time love interest finally realized that I was the best thing to ever happen to him.  So over the winter holidays, he asked me to marry him.  After 28 years of us chasing each other off-and-on over the years after first meeting back in college, we are finally together.  Well, sort of.... 
  3. Which brings me to my present circumstance of MOVING.  My fiancé lives in Denver, I live in Chicago.  For the past few years we have been alternating visits every month or so between the two cities and trying to convince the other to move to our hometown.  Well, I have a great job here but my company has an office in Denver.  My fiancé just opened a new business in Denver, which he's still trying to get off the ground.  Coincidentally I didn't want to move out of IL until my ex-husband got me off the house here, which he now has done.  Thus, I'm giving my fiancé 6-months to get his CO business up and running.  The deal is, if he is successful, then I'll move to CO.  If he isn't able to get it into the black by August, then he has to come here.  Bottom line:  I'll be semi living out of boxes for the next 6 months. 
  4. One of my much-respected and dear friends, in fact one of my Gardnerian uplines, passed away on 9/1/15.  Lady Nimue was an amazing teacher and fun-loving HPS, with whom I am grateful to have spent time with over the years.  Many a sabbat was spent in her company and she had some wonderfully funny stories of the early days of the Craft in Chicago.  I'm so blessed to have heard a lot of the local history and lore from her, and even more so to be able to share in the generous teaching materials that she left to her downlines in the area.  She gives me a real fortitude about getting a coven of my own started in the near future so that I can pass along and keep up the wonderful legacy she helped share.  Whether that ends up in Chicago or the "Chicago Line" takes root in Denver, remains to be seen.
And that, my friends, is why I have been MIA.  Working two jobs to keep the financial wolves from the door and trying to decipher what the Gods want me to do with my adult life now that my cronehood is just around the corner.